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Work Health & Safety Committee
PLUS Chairperson Training

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At Coastal OHS we understand the importance of your businesses time. That’s why we’ve developed a condensed 4-hour WHS Committee course offered with our 2-hour Chairperson training. The condensed course is based on our 1-Day Health & Safety Committee course, which is the only Safety Committee course in Australia aligned with ISO 29993:2017 certification.

The Work Health & Safety Committee course develops Safety Committee members to effectively work with others in their workplace to reduce safety incidents and improve working conditions. The course also covers legal compliance content and educates attendees in best practices for reporting incidents and reducing disruptions to business operations.

This Chairperson training online course provides participants with the tools, knowledge and skills to successfully chair each stage of a meeting to keep the participants focused, the meeting on track so its objectives are met.

The functions of a Chairperson are explained in detail including the skills required to effectively implement those functions.

This bundled course benefits attendees and the whole workplace as they can share their knowledge and training as they seek to communicate and collaborate with workers to develop better safety standards and practices in their workplace. While also gaining the necessary skills needed to effectively manage communication in their meetings.

Safety Committee Course Topics

WHS laws

The Legal Framework, Duty Holders & Consultation under the WHS Act 2011.

Functions of Health and Safety Committees

Legal functions of Health and Safety Committees and many examples of activities a Health and Safety Committee may get involved in.

Communication Skills

Meeting, presentation and communication skills, problem solving.

Risk Management

Risk management principles, onsite workplace safety inspection, WHS program design & systems.

Emergency Preparedness

Elements of an emergency response plan.

Incident Investigation

Incident investigation tools, skills and case study.

Safety Psychology

Reducing the riskiness of behaviours – Real Life case study that achieved an instant steep reduction in incidents through the use of novel training techniques.

Chairperson Course Topics

Introduction & Functions of a Chairperson Pt 1

The value of having a Chairperson & his/her functions leading up to the meeting.

Functions of the Chairperson Pt 2

Functions of the Chairperson during and after the meeting.

What Makes a Good Chairperson

Communication skills, dealing with different personalities and disruptions.

Body Language and Voice Tonality

Examples of body language and voice tonalities.

Course Outcomes

Course Duration

The course runs over 7 hours.


The course assessment is informal and includes, written/multiple choice questions, group work, risk management practical and facilitator led role play.

Course Handouts

Each participant will receive a 90+ page Health & Safety Committee course handbook & a Chairperson Handout.

Course Award

A certificate of successful completion will be awarded to participants after completion of the Safety Committee Course.
A Certificate of Training will be awarded to participants after completion of Chairperson Training.

Do I need Chairperson Training?

During committee meetings, employees from different areas of the business will attend. Depending on the need of the organisation, meetings may occur monthly, or for example, if you are part of a Safety Committee, regulators may require you to meet at least once every 3 months.

Team meetings can take around 1 to 2 hours.  Which in the scheme of things is not a lot of time.

Therefore, to use this time efficiently, an extra level of discipline and focus is required to ensure that these meetings deliver tangible results and do not become irrelevant talkfests or in some cases, legal liabilities for the organisation.

This means your organisations meetings can benefit from a chairperson that knows how to ensure that:

  • all business topics are discussed in line with a timed agenda
  • everyone’s views are heard and discussed
  • that clear actions are identified and allocated to appropriate personnel.

Benefits of Safety
Committee Training

Your Health and Safety Committee members can act as leaders in the workplace, providing guidance and imparting knowledge to ensure that all members within their working environment can work safely and voice any concerns regarding hazards or safety issues.

As safety training professionals, we are passionate about imparting our knowledge to develop your leaders. Our WHS Committee Training helps attendees understand their roles as committee members and the associated responsibilities of those roles.

The WHS Committee course covers communication skills to effectively communicate with management, other committee members and fellow employees.

Safety Psychology teaching also compliments this subject area so committee members can effectively pass on their knowledge and training to create positive changes in their workplace after they complete the Safety Committee Training Course.

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