Chairperson Training Online

A course that provides chairpersons with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively chair any meeting.

Coastal OHS provides an industry-leading Chairperson Training course. This course provides participants with the tools, knowledge and skills to successfully chair each stage of a meeting to keep the participants focussed, the meeting on track so its objectives are met.

The functions of a Chairperson are explained in detail including the skills required to effectively implement those functions.
The course is interactive and uses video scenarios that point out the various situations a Chairperson may have to deal with and provides practical techniques how to effectively deal with disruptions so the meeting is kept on track with all participants remaining engaged.

This training course is 100% online and can be stopped/started and
completed in the time that suits the participant.  There are four main
sections in this course, each followed by a short simple assessment. 

The main sections are:

  • Introduction & Functions of the Chairperson Pt 1
  • Functions of the Chairperson Pt 2
  • What Makes a Good Chairperson and,
  • Body language and Voice tonality.

A course training certificate can be downloaded on completion of the last assessment.  Course duration is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Safety Committee Course Outline

Topics Covered

Introduction & Functions of a Chairperson Pt 1

The value of having a Chairperson & his/her functions leading up to the meeting.

Functions of the Chairperson Pt 2

Functions of the Chairperson during and after the meeting.

What Makes a Good Chairperson

Communication skills, dealing with different personalities and disruptions.

Body Language and Voice Tonality

Examples of body language and voice tonalities.

Course Outcomes

Course Duration

The course runs over 1 & 1/2 hours.


The course assessment is informal and includes multiple choice questions.

Course Award

A Certificate of Training can be downloaded on completion of the course.

Course Handouts

A course handbook is issued to each participant in PDF format. This can be downloaded after purchase.

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