Essential Safety Induction Course

Online Safety Induction Training for all workers across all work environments.

Essential Safety Induction Course

100% Online Course

This general safety awareness course provides MUST KNOW information

for ALL workers in any workplace, any industry, any work environment.

All workers have WHS / OHS responsibility and can be held liable under the law should they not meet these legal obligations.
Breaches of this law could result in personal fines of up to $600,000 and/or up to 5 years in jail.
This general WHS / OHS awareness course explains in plain English what your legal duties are and what you can do to meet these.
  • Straight to the point. No fuss – No fluff – Just the facts
  • Start – Stop – Continue anytime that suits you.
  • 100% online and can be completed in less than 1 hour.

General Safety Awareness for Everyone

Topics Discussed

Legal Compliance

An overview of the legal framework and how this applies to everyone in the workplace.


All workers have the right to raise safety concerns and make recommendations to the PCBU/Employer. This section explains how.

Risk Management

A plain English explanation on how everyone in the workplace can take part in the risk management process.

Emergencies & Incidents

This section explains the importance of emergency preparedness and incident reporting.

Personal Responsibility

This section explains the concept of personal responsibility for safety and provides examples how to meet this responsibility. This is followed by a real life case study

Further Course Information


Participants can download course notes in PDF format.


Course assessments are informal and consist of multiple choice questions.

Course Duration

This course can be completed within 1 hour and is 100% Online.

Live training on-site or online available

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