Comcare Approved 5 Day Health and Safety Representative Training

Comcare Approved 5 Day Health & Safety Representative Training Anywhere in Australia.
Live via Zoom or available face-to-face onsite.

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Comcare 5 Day HSR Training - Live via Zoom

Comcare has approved Coastal OHS Services to deliver the 5 Day Health and Safety Representative (HSR) course Online via live delivery through Zoom.

This course is designed for Federal Government Agencies.

To participate in the online HSR course you must have a webcam and audio installed on your computer.

Course duration is the same as the face to face version of this course, i.e. max 7 hours per day

This Comcare approved Health and Safety Representative Course meets the requirements of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation 2011.


We deliver the Comcare Approved 5 Day HSR course
onsite or Live via Zoom anywhere in Australia

Comcare Approved Health and Safety Representative
HSR - Course Outline & Information

Day 1 – Interpreting the WHS Legislative Framework and its Relationship to the HSR and Identifying Key Parties, Legislative Obligations and Duties.

Duties and obligations of all in the workplace.

Day 2 – Establishing Representation in the Workplace

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs), Health and Safety Committees (HSCs) and other arrangements

Day 3 – Participating in Consultation and Issues Resolution

Negotiation, issue resolution and contributing to the minimisation of risks

Day 4 – Represent Members in the WHS Risk Management Process Undertaken by the PCBU

Workplace inspections, notifiable incidents and incident investigation

Day 5 – Issuing a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and Directing the Cessation of Work

PINs and directing the cessation of unsafe work.

Course Duration

The course runs over 5 Days. The course duration is maximum 7 Hours each day.


Course assessment is informal.

Course Award

A HSR training course certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants who complete the course.

HSR Training

Help build a safer workplace for all

As a HSR, you can make an invaluable contribution to create a safer workplace for you and your fellow workers including management. At the same time, you help the business become more legally compliant with the safety laws.

And as a direct result, your business will become more successful due a reduction in incident rates and related costly business disruption.

That is why being a HSR can be such a rewarding position.

hsr training onsite

Good Safety is Good for Business

Good safety is good for business. It will drive down costly incidents and improve morale resulting in better quality and efficiency.

As a Health and Safety Representative - HSR - you can have a solid input into achieving such results.

Get HSR trained and start making a difference!

Comcare Approved HSR FAQ

An elected health and safety representatives (HSR) functions include:

  • Represent the workers in your work group on health and safety matters and in discussions with managers on hazards and safety issues
  • Monitor measures taken by the PCBU for their effectiveness
  • Promote the health and safety of workers in your work group
  • Provide a vital communication link between people at work and the PCBU

A HSR is not expected to be an expert on health and safety, and is not responsible for fixing problems in the workplace.

There are 2 criteria to be met to be a health and safety representative (HSR).
  1. You are a member of the work group that elected you to be a HSR
  2. You have not been disqualified in a court or tribunal from performing the HSR role.

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 entitles workers to be represented by a health and safety representative (HSR).

Any worker may ask a PCBU to organise an election for a HSR. The PCBU must begin negotiations within 14 days of receiving a request from a worker.

A health and safety representative (HSR) can perform the majority of their powers and functions without having completed the initial HSR Training.

However, a HSR must have completed the 5 Day HSR training before they can direct a work group member to cease unsafe work and/or issue a provisional improvement notice.

We deliver Comcare Approved HSR Courses direct to your company on-site or live via Zoom ANYWHERE in Australia. Contact us for a quotation.

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