OHS/WHS Responsibilities of Officers and Managers

Work Health and Safety laws are quite specific about the legal duties of CEOs, General Managers, Directors and other staff with significant decision making authority. If you fall into this category, you will be deemed to be an Officer of the organization and the WHS laws require you to exercise Due Diligence.
You can be held personally liable for incidents in your workplace.

Failing to meet this duty may result in personal fines of up to $600,000.00 and/or in up to 5 years imprisonment.

So what is Due Diligence and how do you go about meeting this duty?

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The NSW WHS Act 2011

Terminologies, Health and Safety Duties

Due Diligence & Duty of Care

Specific legal duties for Officers and Workers

Lawyer speaking with the judge in the court room

Reasonable and Practicable

An explanation of what issues a court or regulator will consider to judge whether a person has done everything reasonable and practicable to avoid incidents in the workplace

Management Commitment

How to demonstrate management commitment and responsibility

Breaches of the Legislation

Enforcement action by the regulator or court, breaches of the legislation, penalties

Case Studies

A review of relevant court cases

2 Hour Program

A review of relevant court cases

Lawyer speaking with the judge in the court room
Please Note: This course is not a VET course and therefore is not what is known as “Nationally Recognized Training” (NRT) by the government (ASQA).