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Mental Wellbeing – Instant Workplace Transformation for CEOs, Directors & Managers

Mental Wellbeing Instant Transformation
for CEOs, Directors and Managers

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A happy, healthy workforce is the key to business success. As of today, there has never been a more critical time to consider mental health given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and shift to working from home. As feelings of isolation, loneliness and separation rise to the surface, employers must ensure that they prioritise the wellbeing of their employees to instil a culture of empathy that’ll produce higher quality work and boost company morale.
As such, Leading Safety Training have developed an online course entitled ‘Mental Wellbeing Instant Transformation for CEOs, Directors and Managers’ that elaborates on the reasons as to why mental wellbeing must be managed in the workplace whilst providing tips and guidelines to help create a mentally healthy workplace. Employee wellbeing programs provide expert advice that’ll work in cohesion with long-term goals.
Our course was written and is presented by the highly experienced Dr Ute Steinel, who has had a private general practice for over 25 years in both Germany and Australia. The course is 100% online and can be completed in less than 2 hours.

Employee Wellbeing Programs to Boost Workplace Culture

Our workplace wellness programs are designed and presented by Dr. Ute Steinel, a General Practitioner with over 25 years medical experience with an emphasis on providing counselling services to patients from all walks of life. That is why this course provides expert mental health awareness training for managers, guiding mental health policies and programmes in the workplace.
It should be said that there is a world of difference between employee wellbeing and general perks. While well-designed office spaces and fun accessories like table tennis tables can inspire collaboration and creativity, they don’t necessarily lead to happier and more fulfilled employees.
As our employee well-being programs will explain, emphasising a good work/life balance whilst helping employees stay healthy and active creates the conditions for effective work. It’s also about creating a supportive environment where employees can feel valued and respected.
Mental health and wellbeing training will help you realise these goals. Our employee wellbeing programs elaborate on specific methods and ideals that should be implemented in order to achieve improved mental health among employees in the workplace.

Course Content

This course contains 2 lessons:
Lesson 1 explains the legal requirements under the WHS Act for managing psychosocial hazards.
Lesson 2 contains 9 easy strategies, including practical examples, for effecting instant change in the workplace.

Course Topics

Each topic is introduced by a video, followed by text. After each video is a short assessment. After successfully completing all assessments participants can download a Statement of Training.
Each participant can download a course manual.

Mental Wellbeing Workplace Training FAQ

Our employee wellbeing programs promote ‘kind’ workplaces and provide valued insight into how managers can achieve a mentally healthy workplace. The ‘Mental Wellbeing Instant Transformation for CEOs, Directors and Managers’ course offers valuable solutions that’ll improve employee mental health and workplace culture and explain the respective solutions’ reasoning.

The ‘Mental Wellbeing Instant Transformation for CEOs, Directors and Managers’ course expresses how office design, community endeavours, autonomy, educational programs and flexibility, among other programs, will help improve mental health in the workplace.

So, just why are employee wellbeing programs necessary? More and more companies realize that there’s more to wellness than just their employees’ physical health. Ensuring that they’re productive and engaged will result in improved work and financial gain. Happy, engaged employees help make a successful business.

Workplace wellbeing programs reduce the impact of lifestyle risk factors on professional performance by promoting:

  • Increased wellbeing
  • Increased fitness
  • Reductions in body weight
  • Reduced smoking and drinking
  • Reductions in life insurance cost
  • More energy and vigour in all aspects of life

With our employee wellbeing programs, your business can:

  • Foster a greater sense of community in the workplace
  • Improve staff morale, communication and job satisfaction, resulting in reduced expenditure on staff turnover and training
  • Face fewer work-related injuries and workers compensation claims
  • Increase staff resilience and reduce absenteeism
  • Boost worker productivity and performance
  • Positively impact company culture

Our employee wellbeing programs will benefit anybody who wishes to take them, informing those on the importance of valuing mental health, how companies can positively impact employee mental health and potential efforts that can be undertaken to improve wellbeing. Mental health awareness training for employees is just as important as wellbeing training for managers.

In saying that, this Mental Wellbeing Workplace Training course is particularly beneficial for CEOs, directors and managers. This course has been designed to inform those with the capacity to influence their workplace on the importance of mental health. Wellbeing training for managers is where real change can occur and will inform those in management positions about how employee wellbeing can be improved.

Registering for any of our employee wellbeing programs is a quick and easy process with Leading Safety Training. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose your course
  2. Register online

After that, you’re all set! Leading Safety Training offers health and safety training that is second to none. We’ll ensure that you’re equipped with the appropriate information that’ll enable you to implement positive change in the workplace across areas of mental health and overall wellbeing. Our training is designed to provide a convenient solution for the student whilst providing engaging and industry-leading education.

You most certainly can! Leading Safety Training values flexibility and understands the importance of your time. Our workplace wellness courses are run 100% online. Log in wherever you may be.

At Leading Safety Training, we provide transparent and honest pricing for our online courses. The exact cost will vary depending on the course you choose to undertake; however, you can be assured that what you see is what you get, with no hidden fees or extra charges for our courses. We remain focused on empowering hard-working Australians across all industries and prioritise education to create healthier workplaces for all.

We value your time and understand its importance. Our courses have been streamlined to provide timely and efficient training without cutting corners. Our nationally recognised courses will provide you with the necessary skills and certification you need in as little time as possible.

Our mental wellbeing workplace training course takes just under 2 hours to complete. However, you can stop start this course at your own convenience.

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