WorkSafe ACT – 5 Day Health and Safety Representative Training Live via Teams

WorkSafe ACT Approved 5 Day Health & Safety Representative Training.
Live via Teams or available face-to-face onsite.

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WorkSafe ACT 5 Day HSR Training
Live via Microsoft Teams

WorkSafe ACT has approved Coastal OHS Services to deliver the 5 Day Health and Safety Representative (HSR) course online via Microsoft Teams.

To participate in the online HSR course you must have a webcam and audio installed on your computer.

Course duration is the same as the face to face version of this course.

This WorkSafe ACT approved Health and Safety Representative Course meets the requirements of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation 2017.


We deliver the 5 day HSR course
onsite anywhere in the ACT

Health and Safety Representative - HSR -
Course Outline & Information

Day 1 – Interpreting the WHS legislative framework and its relationship to the HSR. Identifying key parties, legislative obligations and duties.

Understand WHS legislation, objectives and principles of the WHS Act, identify various elements of the legislative framework. Understand the duties and responsibilities of PCBUs, identify the duties and responsibilities of officers, workers and other parties, and identify the range of enforcement options.

Day 2 – Establishing representation in the workplace

Understand the purpose and formation of work groups, the election process for HSRs/Deputy HSRs and disqualification provisions, the function of a health and safety committee, and the entitlements rights and protections of an elected HSR/Deputy HSR.

Day 3 – Participation in consultation and issues resolution

Understand the nature of the consultation process, identify strategies that support consultation, negotiation skills and strategies to resolve WHS issues, and understand the benefits of effective representation and constructive consultation.

Day 4 – Representing members in WHS risk management process undertaken by the PCBU

Understand duties and responsibilies of PCBUs, how HSRs can use their functions and powers to contribute to risk, understand basic management concepts, identify the PCBU obligations in relation to incident notification, and identify the type of assistance or support inspectors and entry permit holders can provide a HSR.

Day 5 – Issuing of Provisional Improvement Notices and directing the cessation of work

Overview of PINs, the features and contents of a PIN, the range of actions arising once a PIN is issued, and an overview of the right to cease, or direct the cessation of unsafe work.

Course Duration

The course runs over 5 Days. The course duration is 6.45 Hours each day.


Course assessment is informal.

Course Award

A HSR training course certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants who complete the course.

HSR Training

Building Safer Workplaces

HSRs have the opportunity to contribute to creating a safer workplace for themselves, their fellow colleagues and management.

Helping their business become more legally compliant with safety laws. Leading to greater business success due to a reduction in incident rates, reducing the business costs of disruption from workplace incidents.

hsr training onsite

Good Safety is Good for Business

Good safety is good for business. It will drive down costly incidents and improve morale resulting in better quality and efficiency.

As a Health and Safety Representative - HSR - you can have a solid input into achieving such results.

Get HSR trained and start making a difference!

Health & Safety Committee FAQ

A Health and Safety Representative, or HSR, is a worker who has been elected to represent the health and safety interests of their work group.

Work health and safety is critical to any workplace in Australia. The Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training provides a wide range of learning outcomes aimed to identify and address safety issues faced in the workplace.

You become a health and safety representative within your workplace by being elected by the workers in your work group.

As the representative, you can act for and represent people in your work group. The work group members will elect a representative to take on the role of HSR.

Workers only elect a HSR within the workplace after an agreement on the number and make up of work groups has been reached. All work group members are entitled to vote for one or more HSRs and deputy HSRs for a three-year term.

Health and Safety Representatives are not mandatory. However a person conducting the business or undertaking (PCBU) must begin negotiations of work groups within 14 days of receiving a request from a worker.

The HSR must be elected from the workers in the work group. The PCBU must provide resources, facilities and assistance that is reasonably necessary for elections to be conducted.

The WHS Act allows for workers within a business or undertaking to be grouped into work groups for the purpose of electing a member of that group to represent them.

The number of work groups and the workers who form part of the work group are to be determined by negotiation and agreement between the person conducting the business or undertaking (PCBU) and the workers.

Negotiations for a work group must consider the number of workers within the business or undertaking, the number and grouping of workers who carry out the same or similar types of work, and the diversity of workers and their work.

HSR training is not compulsory, it is an entitlement. However, if an elected HSR requests HSR training a PCBU must comply.

In some states and territories an elected HSR has to have had approved HSR training in order to exercise some of the powers of a HSR.

HSR training is strongly recommended for the sole reason of effective health and safety management.

HSRs do NOT have duties under the WHS Act. Instead they have functions and powers.

HSRs can therefore not be held personally liable for anything done in good faith.

HSR functions and powers include:

  • Communication between management and work group members
  • Identify potential hazards, risks in the workplace
  • Conduct health and safety workplace inspections
  • Make recommendations regarding health and safety improvements
  • Direct unsafe work to cease if they have reason to believe that someone is at imminent risk of a serious injury
  • Investigate any incidents
  • Monitor WHS measures taken by the PCBU
  • Issue a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) in the case of a suspected WHS breach
  • Attend Health and Safety Committee Meetings
WorkSafe ACT has given approval for us to provide HSR Training Courses via Microsoft Teams, online as live demonstration. We provide courses in various 5-day blocks, including 1-day a week over a 5-week duration. The course must be completed within 6 months of commencement.
The WorkSafe ACT approved Initial HSR course costs depend on the number of staff receiving the training and the format and location of the training. Contact our team for a quote.

We deliver HSR Courses direct to your company on-site or live via Microsoft Teams. Contact us for a quotation.

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